♦•The Art of Twiddling •♦

Inspiring-Typography-Quotes-from-Disney-Movies-4So I just googled the word ‘Twiddles‘ out of sheer curiosity as to what other connotation it could possibly have and guess what I found.

Pacemaker twiddler’s syndrome.

Rest assured, this was NOT my direction when I first created the blog. This is the universe cracking a joke at my expense. Again.

But yes, back to my charismatic self, today I thought we’d delve a little deeper into the twiddler world, seeing as how I was decidedly vague in the introduction (I was aiming for cliff-hanger but that didn’t work out quite as planned). And to do that, we must take a closer look into the human mind; your mind, to be more specific. And it would shock you to discover exactly how many people exist in your mind.


(a) the person you used to be

(b) the person you are now

(c) the person you wish to be

Add to that a few controversial personalities and you are soon on your way to being the next mad hatter, my friend. But really, most of our lives we spend in our minds, constantly oscillating back and forth between these three people in our hopes to find a balance and consequent happiness. And this is completely natural because that is, essentially, human nature. And that is what twiddling is; to rush back and forth between these three aspects of ourselves so that we may find something more. Something magical.

Most of us live our lives playing according to certain rules, colouring within the lines so to speak. That’s important, because that’s survival, to live because we must. But then often times there’s the secret part of us that’s left ignored, like Anna knocking against Elsa’s door without ever receiving a reply. This magical part of us is often forgotten, the fact that we live because we can. This is where our passions play out- our love for reading or dancing or swimming or origami-making or kite-flying or whatever you will, this is the ruffian child inside of us waiting to explode in a kaleidoscope of colour, and very often, we’re too scared, or too busy, or too negligent, to let it out.

That’s who a twiddler is. Someone with all these stories inside of them, all this energy that can transform oceans and paint sunny blue skies, all of this is kept locked down because of various (legitimate) reasons. But a twiddler is one who aims to let it out. Someone who is willing to explore a side of them that is probably condemned otherwise, however innocent it may be. Someone too silent to hear the symphony of their voice or too scared to hear their own opinions, but is willing to go a little further and try.


What are you willing to try? For yourself? Because this world is big and bold but it is also very beautiful, so long as you’re willing to open your eyes to it. What are you willing to find about yourself? What makes you smile? A good book? Singing Broadway songs? Designing clothes? Making pancakes? Sketching your friends? Playing the violin?

Whatever it is, it’s there. Something magical, inside of you. Something you can always turn to when everyone else shuts their doors. There is something that drives you, and you need to nurture it if you want to know yourself better. Regardless of what people say or what they think or what they assume, they do not matter. Not unless they’re important, like your parents and loved ones and even then, you are the only person who can access your mind and all that it contains.

Being a twiddler means finding that bit of bravery that helps us pursue our other half, without compromising what we already have. Being a twiddler means aiming for contentment and not happiness, because the pursuit of happiness is a race that is never over, but contentment is just a little smile and a cup of tea. Contentment makes you happy.

Being a twiddler is to escape. Just for a little while. Get a little energy and come back fighting, until all the people inside your mind become the most fabulous audience you could ever have and their cheers will be louder than the world.

The art of Twiddling is as profound as it is silly, and that’s what makes it worthwhile. A little silliness goes a long way. I’m sure that’s a famous quote, and if it isn’t, it should be.

So my question for you is: what makes you happy? What makes you twiddle?

And what are you doing about it?


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